Syntactic Acoustic Damping Material

Syntactic Foam Disk


SADM is a plastic–composite material perfectly suited for use in sonar arrays, which require optimal acoustic performance. It consistently delivers a high level of echo reduction and insertion loss over the 10 kHz–100 kHz range, both at ambient pressures and at operating depth.

Many types of SADM material are available for applications ranging from broadband use to improved performance at specific frequency ranges.

Suburban Machine specializes in the design and manufacture of near-net molded parts incorporating SADM for use in transducer arrays. The unique properties of SADM require proper tool speeds, feed rates, and material handling protocol. Drawing from Bruce St. Hilaire’s experience in machining heavy metals, our CNC equipment has been specially modified to work with SADM, employing strict quality control measures and hazardous material handling procedures at every stage of our process.

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