About Us

History of Suburban Machine, Inc.

Suburban Machine was established in 1986 in Bruce St. Hilaire’s garage. Work included mostly tooling, fixtures, overflow work from local shops, and creating parts that other shops didn’t or couldn’t make. Soon the business grew and gained steady customers requiring more space and equipment. Suburban had to buy a small CNC machine and move out of the garage.
Suburban has now grown into a CNC and manual machining complex with 10 employees in a 10,000 square-foot facility. For the last five years we have been located in a large historic mill complex that has allowed us to lower costs and increase capabilities including but not limited to 3D milling, production, prototype, tooling, short run and high capacity.

“Our customers needs come first, and we treat you as the boss.”

Suburban has become a leader in the community providing high-quality machine parts, and carved out a niche for itself by offering custom-machining work and lathe work to machine-shop orders for custom metal, plastic, syntactic foam parts, etc. From simple parts to the very complex, prototypes to production, we make them all. No job is too small or too large, each job will always be given the same attention to detail to make sure it is the best product that can be delivered to our customers. All of our work is done on site, and we promise a quick response and quality work.

The Advantages of a Family Business

Suburban started as and continues to be a family-run business. The members of the St. Hilaire family that work at Suburban Machine are committed to making the business meet the highest standards for several generations. This means you can be sure to get the same quality parts today and well after Bruce has retired. Cheryl, Bruce’s wife, takes care of the administrative work such as keeping our books clean and accurate and paying the bills so Bruce can focus all his time on making parts.

The future of Suburban Machine is in good hands. We are now proud to announce the second generation has been under training and will continue the path that Bruce St. Hilaire began almost 30 years ago. Bruce’s son, Max, has taken over all supervision on our machines, programming, and so much more. He is making sure these tasks are being handled with the same commitment and hard work as Bruce himself has always managed them!

About Bruce St. Hilaire

Bruce St. Hilaire, the founder of Suburban Machine has been in the industry for over 30 years. He became a certified class A all-around machinist in the early 1990s working for a Nuclear Metals defense division. He machined parts from depleted uranium that would sometimes take up to one month to complete a single part! Bruce also worked with pure beryllium and lead which are hazardous materials to machine and just be around!

Bruce moved on to become a lead setup person. He supervised three setup technicians who did constant work for a large extrusions facility with approximately 30 CNC machines. Gradually Bruce became the owner’s right-hand man and earned many responsibilities. He did all the quoting and had to oversee all departments including tool room, powder coating, anodizing, and silk screening.

Bruce was asked to consult with a screw-machine milling department that wanted to setup two small CNC machines to support cross-hole drilling and second operation work. Within a year all the fixtures were in place and everything was running smoothly. With a vast range of experience it was finally time for Bruce to start Suburban Machine, Inc.