Near Net Molding

Suburban Machine has developed a proprietary high-pressure molding technology that yields near-net shape acoustic foams with minimal porosity, voids or sinks. The near-net-shape method molds the part closely to its final shape so there is minimal machining needed to complete the final part.

This greatly reduces the time and cost to produce the parts, and reduces waste generated by up to 67%. The process, which utilizes molding equipment designed and developed by Suburban Machine, allows us to mold dampening material to specific dimensions with the required acoustic properties.


  • Reduced cost of finished parts
  • Reduced machine time
  • Reduced waste / Eco-Friendly
  • Suitable for large parts up to 20 lbs
  • Complex customization

Reduce cost of acoustic foam parts with near-net molding

A major reason for developing the new technology was to reduce cost and waste when machining finished parts from acoustic material containing powdered lead and glass spheres. “The molds are inexpensive, since we are only molding a near-net shape that will be machined after molding,” said Bruce St. Hilaire.

Raw Molded Part

After Machining

Before/After Machining

Finished Product

Complex custom parts in less time

The technology allows Suburban Machine to offer small batch runs of these acoustic foams. This in turn allows Suburban Machine to offer foams with different compositions and different application methods, such as Tactically Distributed foams and Direct Application foams. There is no need to settle for off the shelf materials when Suburban Machine can create the perfect material to result in a superior final product.

The process is suitable for large parts and weights of up to 20 pounds per blank, with large and varying wall thicknesses and complex geometries. Near-net shape is effective for parts that cannot be efficiently produced using standard machining methods due to the greatly reduced machining time.

Greener production process is eco-friendly

“Because it’s close to the final part, a near-net shape requires less machining. Less machining means less waste, which is an important consideration for green and sustainable programs.

With ever changing regulations it is more important than ever to find ways to produce parts in a way that produces less waste and minimizes environmental impact.

To learn more about Suburban Machine’s near-net molding process call 978.392.9100 or contact us via email.