Quality Prototypes from SMI


Prototype putter milled by SMI from 303 stainless steel

As a small business owner it can be difficult to find a machine shop that will give me the time of the day. When looking for a few prototypes or short production runs most shops are not interested. Then I found Suburban Machine Inc.

Walking into Suburban Machine Inc. I immediately had a different feeling. Bruce St. Hilaire showed interest in my project and expressed his willingness to help small businesses like Caney Putterworks LLC succeed.

“SMI showed my small project the same attention to detail and personal service they show when making parts for NASA and National Geographic”

When I saw my first prototype part made by SMI I was impressed with the precision and finish. It was far better than what I had received from other machine shops and far exceeded my expectations. Later prototypes showed the same quality with reasonable turn around time and pricing. I would recommend SMI no mater what the size of your company or project.

Noah Caney (Owner)
Caney Putterworks LLC