Syntactic Foam

What Is Syntactic Foam?

Syntactic foam is a composite material synthesized by filling a metal, polymer, or ceramic matrix with hollow micro spheres (glass balls). This material was originally created for the marine industry, but it now has many applications including aerospace, acoustical sonar industry, radar transparent materials, and many others.

SADM (Syntactic Acoustic Damping Material) and Syntactic Foam Department

Syntactic foam disk

Syntactic foam disk

Bruce St. Hilaire’s experience in machining lead, uranium, beryllium, and other hazardous materials has given Suburban Machine the experience to deal with the challenges of machining syntactic foam. The unique properties of syntactic foam require just the right tool speed and feed rates.

Suburban Machine now has a dedicated syntactic foam department. Our dedicated CNC equipment has been specially modified to handle the challenges in machining this unique foam. We even have a hazardous material program for the SADM we machine to keep our workers and the environment safe.

From machining of crittercam parts for National Geographic, to deep-water tow vehicles, to side sonar fish, it all starts off in our new foam department. Read about our work with National Geographic and underwater exploration here!