Suburban Machine is now in the original location of a turn-of-the-century machine shop that helped found the local community. This larger facility has allowed us to expand our services and bring in new cutting-edge technology. With 3D machining, an improved quality-control department, syntactic foam milling and waste disposal, and a soon to come welding department, Suburban Machine has the experience and equipment to create parts of the highest quality in house.

Equipment List

Hardinge GX710 Vertical Machining Center
  • With 28” of travel and a one second tool change
  • This is our fastest and most accurate machine
  • Rigid Tapping
Fadal Vertical Machning Center 4020
  • 40″ by 20″ of travel
  • 10,000 RPM High Speed Spindle with Spindle Chiller
  • Rigid Tapping
Okuma & Howa Millac 4 VA
  • Over 28” of travel, 6000 RPM Spindle with 24 tool stations
Matsuura MC 600 Vertical Machining Center
  • Over 23” travel 7000 rpm with spindle chiller
  • Great for high production.
Matsuura MC 560 Vertical Machining Center,
  • Over 22” travel 7000 rpm with spindle chiller
  • Great for shot run or production
Matsuura MC 500V, 20 Tool Vertical Machining Center
  • Box ways machine
  • Great for production and steel, hard alloys
  • Outstanding repeatability (.0002)
  • Fourth axis makes for super variety of work
Matsuura MC 510V
  • Slightly larger than the MC500
  • Faster tool change two (2) second
  • Very tight machine
Storm Clausing Turning Center
  • Fast and accurate for smaller parts 2” diameter
  • 12 station turret for complex production
  • Bar puller for continuous runs.
  • This machine is specially made for high production of light materials
  • Great for use on Heatsinks, plastics, etc.
FeatureCam 2012 by Delcam (Computer Aided Machining)
  • Most important component of the company
  • All CNC’s are connected to this program
  • Spectacular importing features
  • Compatible with AutoCad, Solidworks, Pro E, etc.
  • Can import to DWG, DXF, IGES and SLDPT
  • Speeds up manufacturing
  • Creates amazing savings especially on prototypes and short runs
Kitamura Mycneter-2X
  • 10,000 RPM Spindle, 20” X 14” Travel
AMADA  – CNC HFA 330  Automatic Metal Cutting Band Saw
Hofman Rotary Table W/Tilt Axis
Altissimo by Starret Precision Measuring Component
Tesahite 700
Hardinge Lathe
Brown & Sharpe Screw Machine
Manual Milling Machines
Various Saws, Grinders, Etc.