Certification for Suburban

Certifications in the manufacturing world are a big deal. Quality measurement standards mean that anyone looking at a company can know how their products are going to be handled. An official certification demonstrates that a company has completed… Read More

Global Impact

Here at Suburban Machine we not only want to produce quality local products for our customers, we want to have an impact on our global community and the environment. We’ve been able to be part of some important… Read More

Bending The Rules

We here at Suburban Machine love to experiment with what is possible, and bend the rules a little.   Here we have .100″ machined flat piece of SADM that we have bent to a curve. We bend the… Read More

Multi Syntactic

  Multi Syntactic is a term we coined here at Suburban. It means to us “The bonding of different Syntactic Foams for a particular job.”

Suburban + National Geographic Stick To Whales!

Suburban Machine Inc. Is Going to Mars!

When the phone rang and caller ID said U.S. Government, Bruce St. Hilaire was a little nervous. Then the caller started talking about syntactic foam parts and if SMI could make what they needed. NASA had called the… Read More

National Geographic Crittercams

Bruce’s experience in machining a vast variety of materials such as lead, beryllium, and uranium has led Suburban Machine on a unique adventure in the world of syntactic foam. Nat-Geo contacted me because of my experience in machining… Read More