Bruce St.Hilaire, the founder of Suburban Machine has been in the industry for over 30 years. He was trained as a certified class A all around machinist in the early ’90s to do work for Nuclear Metals defense division. He machined parts from depleted uranium that would sometimes take up to one month to complete a single part! Bruce also worked with pure beryllium and lead which are hazardous materials to machine and just be around!

Bruce moved on to become a lead setup person. He supervised three setup technicians who did constant work for a large extrusions facility with approximately 30 CNC machines. Gradually Bruce became the owner’s right-hand man and earned many responsibilities. He did all the quoting and had to oversee all departments including tool room, powder coating, anodizing, and silk screening.

Bruce was asked to consult with a screw-machine milling department that wanted to setup two small CNC machines to support cross-hole drilling and second operation work. Within a year all the fixtures were in place and everything was running smoothly. With a vast range of experience it was finally time for Bruce to start Suburban Machine, Inc.